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Spa chemicals

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"Managing your spa is very similar to maintaining a pool, difference being you are dealing with smaller quantities of chemicals and hot water."

Bacteria builds up quicker in warm water requiring more frequent water testing than a standard cold water pool.

We recommend testing your spa’s water every two days while in use and bringing it into the store at least once a fortnight or once a week if possible to ensure you are killing the bacteria and keeping your sanitation levels correct.

There are three main types of spa sanitation products on the market today these are bromine tablets, chlorine based products and non chlorinated Ozone products.

All products still require regular monitoring and a variety of shock treatments to keep sanitation levels balanced.

Please note: You should never mix chlorinated products with non chlorinated systems.

Kempsey Pool Shop stock a large range of spa treatment products and spa fragrances to suit all systems. We can assist you in selecting the right products to keep your spa balanced and ready for use.

If your having trouble balancing your spa, overwhelmed with the different treatments available or considering purchasing a spa please drop into the store or call us and we can run through the in’s and out’s of spa management.

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Please Note: WATER TESTING IS FREE - but don't leave your water sample in a hot car all day before bringing it in for testing as it will give a false reading.

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