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"During summer periods (Oct – April) pool pumps should be running for approximately 8hrs a day."

For best results this should take place through the daytime as the bacteria and algae are feed from the hot sun.

A quality pump will give years of service, although eventually the time will come where it needs overhauling or replacing.

Traditionally the majority of pool pumps are a 1 or 1 1/2 horse power electric pumps and there are numerous brands on the market.

"Today you also have the option of replacing or upgrading your pump with a Eco friendly variable speed energy efficient pool pump."

A variable speed pump has 3 speeds low, medium and high. If you are operating a automatic suction cleaner your pump will run on high to satisfy demand. When not vacuuming the pump will run at medium or low during filtering to reduce power usage.
Likewise during the high usage times of summer your pump will have the capacity to filter your water effectively and then in winter it will operate effectively on the low speed maintaining your pool condition and reducing your power usage.

If you are in the market for a new pump all we need to know is the size of your pool (length x width x average depth) and whether the pool is chlorinated or salt water and we can match a suitable pump to your pool.

We stock and recommend the Neptune Pump which has been specifically designed for Australian conditions and is fitted with a stainless steel impeller and components to suit both chlorinated and salt water pools.

Whether you purchase a pump from our Neptune range, we order in a specific brand to match your old pump or you purchase a pump from elsewhere.
Please take advantage of our great value installation service and have your new pump professionally fitted for the low price of $90.

Call us today or drop in to the store for specific details and expert advice.

You will find Kempsey Pool Shop at:
3/40 Clyde Street, Kempsey, NSW 2440
Phone: (02) 6563 1214
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Please Note: Common problems are O rings leaking. These need to be greased 2-3 times per year to prevent drying out and cracking. We stock the grease and replacement O rings in store.

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