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Pool Heating

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"Extend your swimming season with a Pool Heating System"

Kempsey Pool Shop can supply you with a Solar Heating or Electric Heat Pump System and dramatically increasing your swimming season.

When used in conjunction with a pool blanket both systems are not only three times more efficient but the blanket will also minimise debris and reduce your chemical use.

"A comfortable swimming temperature varies from person to person, the majority of people prefer a water temperature of around 27-28 degrees. With a suitably paired electric heat pump and pool blanket these temperatures can be achieve year round at a very affordable price."

We recommend the Aquatight Titanium Heat Pump for its operational efficiency and quality components.

Aquatight heat pump technology uses free warmth from the air to heat your pool, saving you up to 80% on running costs compared to alternative gas or electric pool heating.
The Titanium Heat Exchanger can never rust or corrode and carries a 10 year warranty.
Aquatight Heat Pumps feature accurate and durable commercial-grade digital controllers, special water flow switches and high-capacity compressor capacitors.
There’s a full range of attractive, unobtrusive Aquatight Heat Pumps to suit every size pool. All offer whisper-quiet operation and easy installation.

Tired of just looking at your pool once the cooler weather comes along?

A world-class Aquatight Titanium Heat Pump is the energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly way to heat your pool.

The solar heating systems are also great but are unable to reach the temperatures of an electric heat pump and still require an extra pump to move the water through the system.

At Kempsey pool shop we can design a heating system that will suit your needs and budget.
If your considering a heating system for your pool call in or phone us now to discuss the options available.

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