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Pool Cleaners

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"When making a decision on a pool cleaner first consider the type of debris you most frequently have landing in your pool. The time you have available for vacuuming and your short and long term budget."

These decisions will impact the type of pool cleaner that will best suit you.

The leaf skimmer still and always will be the most cost effective way of dealing with leaves and sticks as they land in your pool. We have a variety of styles available in store.

Unfortunately even the most dedicated person with the pole won’t be able to stay on top of it all year round and our modern time short lifestyles can sometimes get in the way.

The next level is the suction cleaners, these are available with manual operation or automatic.

The suction cleaners run off your existing pool pump and with the automatic options every time your pump is on its working. The legendary Kreepy Krauly has been an Aussie favourite for many years and still is a popular choice.

Please note: It is important to understand that the suction cleaners do cause extra load on your pool pump and this will in turn increase your power usage and pump wear and tear overtime.

We have found that some people don’t enjoy the Kreepy Krauly as a swimming partner or getting tangled in a suction pipe hug.

So we also now stock the latest robotic pool vacuum cleaners at Kempsey Pool Shop.

"Introducing the Klever Kleena K-Bot RX series Robotic pool cleaner by Kreepy Krauly."

This robotic vacuum spends the first half hour mapping out your pool and then approximately 2 hours cleaning your pool.
When it’s finished you just take out the super fine filter bag, give it a quick rinse and put it in with the next load of washing.
Although the initial outlay is higher than suction options it has its own low voltage power source therefore not loading up your pool pump and saving you money over the longer term.
With 3 models available to suit pool size and cleaning requirements eg. floor only or walls and floor.
You just need to put it in the pool once finished swimming or the night before the pool party and let it do its job.

For a full run through of pool cleaning options call into our store or phone us now and speak with the professionals at Kempsey Pool Shop.

You will find Kempsey Pool Shop at:
3/40 Clyde Street, Kempsey, NSW 2440
Phone: (02) 6563 1214
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