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Pool Automatic Chlorinator Systems


"A saltwater pool uses a chlorinator to convert the salt that you add to the pool into a sanitizing chlorine through electrolysis."

Saltwater pools are less time consuming than direct chlorine systems as the chlorinator does the work for you, every time the pump is running it is chlorinating your pool.

Sealed concrete and fiberglass pools are suitable for salt water systems although some above ground vinyl pools are not suitable unless they are resin coated to prevent rusting. It is always advisable to speak with an expert before changing to a saltwater system.

Your pools automatic saltwater chlorinator is made up of two main components, the power pack and the cell.

Please note: Regular in store water testing is essential to detect system problems early and keep your pool uses safe.

The cell will require periodic maintenance as the electrolysis process creates a buildup of calcium and other minerals on the cell plates.

Overtime the power pack or the cell may fail due to a combination of factors. If this is the case for you, it is possible to repair or replace components individually without requiring a complete new system.

"Cells can be tested in store and replaced if faulty, whilst the most common problems with power packs come from ants or other insects nesting inside the box and causing short circuits. This tends to be more common with digital versions opposed to the analogue timer systems."

If faults are not obvious we can send components away for specialized inspection and repair and show you how to manually chlorinate your pool until your system is back on track.

If it is a new system you require we stock Pool Pro Chlorinators made by Kystal Clear and keep it simple with an analogue timer. Our professional installation team can replace or upgrade your old system efficiently and hassle free.

If your having a problem with your chlorinator system the first step is to call or drop in to the store and we can arrange an inspection and test to identify the problem and inform you on the best way forward.

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Please Note: WATER TESTING IS FREE - but don't leave your water sample in a hot car all day before bringing it in for testing as it will give a false reading.

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