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"Our pool expert Geoff operates the mobile all in one workshop and supplies service van."

The van covers the entire Macleay Valley including: Kempsey, Dondingalong, Crescents Head, Gladstone, Clybucca, South West Rocks, Macksville and Stuarts Point

"If you order product over the phone or via our website we can deliver your requirements straight to your door".

For Stress Free Pool Ownership

We offer two servicing styles to suit your needs

Standard servicing

Our Standard Service includes:-

  • Water testing
  • Lubricating of O rings
  • Cleaning your pump and skimmer basket
  • Twice a year adjust your timer to suit daylight savings time adjustments.
  • Depending on water test results we will add the required chemicals (required chemicals are an additional cost) to keep your pool balanced and ready for use.

Note: Sometimes chemicals will not be required although other times especially after regular rain chemicals will be required to balance pool again.

Premium Service

Our premium service includes:-

  • All the benefits of the Standard service
  • Plus your pool will have all the leaves and other debris scoop out
  • Your pool walls brushed and pool vacuumed if required.

Additional Installations:-

  • Changing filter media – sand or glass
  • Salt seal cleaning – available in store or on-site

Green doesn't mean Go - when it comes to pool maintenance.

Leaving your pool to go green is not the best practice as it may cause additional wear to your pump and filtering equipment. Ideally you should run your pool for at least one hour a day during winter.

  • Green Pool Services - Fixed fee plus chemicals

Turning your green pool from gnarly brownish green to sparking blue is only a phone call away and two to three visits from our service team.

FYI: New legislation is being established that gives the local councils the power to fine people for letting their pools go green.

Professional Component Installations Services
Our professional installation team can install for you.

  • new pumps
  • chlorinators
  • or any other products purchased from our store or elsewhere that need professional installation.

Rest easy knowing that all equipment is installed and operating to the highest standard.

Onsite introduction lessons
If you have just moved into your new home and are now a pool owner for the first time or you have finally installed the pool you have always desired.
We can explain to you the components of your pool, what purpose they serve and help you develop a schedule of best practice management and maintenance for year after year of stress free pool ownership.

You will find Kempsey Pool Shop at:
3/40 Clyde Street, Kempsey, NSW 2440
Phone: (02) 6563 1214
Email: sales@kempseypoolshop.com.au

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