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Filters and Media

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“There are various levels of filtration in a swimming pool and a variety of filter types and media.”

Skimmer Box

The first line of defense is your skimmer box. The purpose of the skimmer box is to catch debris before it makes its way to the pump.
It is important to clean out your skimmer box regularly as leaves and sticks can cause component damage within your filtration system.
An addition to your skimmer box is a filter sock which fits over you skimmer basket. This will catch finer debris, flowers and dirt reducing filtering loads further down the system.

Please note: Socks must be checked and cleaned regularly to prevent blockages.

Pump basket

The majority of pumps will have a second basket filter located at the intake to the pump. This is a final debris filter to prevent damage or excessive wear to your pump and stop debris from entering your main cartridge or sand/glass filter. This basket filter should also be checked and cleaned regularly.

Main Filter

There are two main filter types, cartridge or media filters. These filters are designed to capture bacteria and algae that has been killed off and fine dirt and dust.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are the original filter type and are still commonly used throughout the Macleay today. Cartridge type filters are more Eco Friendly in that water loss during cleaning or replacing is minimal compared to media type filters.
Although more time consuming cartridge type filters are a favourite with pool owners reliant on tank water or under regular water restrictions.

Handy Hint: We recommend rotating between two cartridges, use one for about a month, than swap them over and soak the dirty one in a chemical treatment and clean thoroughly before leaving to dry.
By leaving your filter to dry completely before re-using as opposed to just pulling it out, hosing it off and putting it back in, it will filter and absorb bacteria, algae and other undesirables more efficiently.

Media Filters

Media filters are a less time consuming filtration system than the cartridge type and are available with either sand or glass media.

The sand media is cheaper to purchase although requires more regular backwashing and rinsing therefore uses more water than the glass media.

  • Sand filters should be backwashed once a month or once a fortnight, dependant on conditions, for approximately 2 mins and rinse for 30 seconds
  • Glass filters require backwashing only every second month for approximately 30 seconds and rinse for 10 seconds

Over time a media type filters pores becomes clogged and the sand or glass can’t absorb any more bacteria and algae.
Even with regular backwashing the undesirables stay in the sand or glass and the media no longer filters efficiently.
This will result in your pool water taking much longer to clear up and additional wear to your components.

  • The glass media has a life expectancy of 10 – 14 years opposed to sand which should be changed between 5 – 7 years.
  • If you notice sand or glass coming out whilst backwashing you should contact our store immediately to arrange an inspection.

To find out more about your pools filtration system, options to upgrade or to purchase filter supplies, call or drop in to our store and speak to an expert.

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