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Pool and Spa

  • Home Services – Mobile Service Van.

    Home Services – Mobile Service Van.

    "Our pool expert Geoff operates the mobile all in one workshop and supplies service van." The van covers the entire…

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  • Toys and Floatation Devices

    Toys and Floatation Devices

    "Pool toys and Floatation devices are a great way to keep the kids and adults entertained during the long summer…

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  • Pool Chemicals

    Pool Chemicals

    "Pool chemicals keep your pool balanced and healthy by fighting bacteria, viruses and algae spores. Keeping you safe whilst swimming…

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  • Spa chemicals

    Spa chemicals

    "Managing your spa is very similar to maintaining a pool, difference being you are dealing with smaller quantities of chemicals…

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  • Filters and Media

    Filters and Media

    “There are various levels of filtration in a swimming pool and a variety of filter types and media.” Skimmer Box…

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  • Pool Cleaners

    Pool Cleaners

    "When making a decision on a pool cleaner first consider the type of debris you most frequently have landing in…

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  • Pool Heating

    Pool Heating

    "Extend your swimming season with a Pool Heating System" Kempsey Pool Shop can supply you with a Solar Heating or…

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  • Pumps


    "During summer periods (Oct – April) pool pumps should be running for approximately 8hrs a day." For best results this…

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  • Pool Automatic Chlorinator Systems

    Pool Automatic Chlorinator Systems

    "A saltwater pool uses a chlorinator to convert the salt that you add to the pool into a sanitizing chlorine…

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  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

    "At Kempsey Pool Shop, we don’t just sell products, we install, maintain and repair them." A common time for equipment…

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